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We have been making sympathy arrangements for 30 years and understand how sensitive the situation is those in mourning. It’s a difficult time and we’re sensitive to the needs of family and friends—we provide the most beautiful arrangement with the upmost support and understanding possible.  Flowers can bring comfort to the family by sending a message of love and sympathy.  Today, flowers remain one of the most beautiful ways to express our condolences when words can fail us.


You may want to consider your relationship to the deceased.  The immediate family usually orders the casket spray or wreath.  Or if their will only be a memorial service they usually order the pieces on the memorial table.  If you’re part of the extended family you can choose a standing spray, wreath, or basket arrangement.  Close friends and colleagues often send a basket, vase or live plant.  These can be delivered to either the home or to the service itself.  

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