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About  Janet's Flowers

Growing up on a farm surrounded by trees, plants, and her mother’s beautiful gardens inspired Tammy to purchase Janet’s Flowers over 30 years ago. Being creative by nature and inspired by the countryside she grew up in—owning a family run floral studio was an easy choice. 


Our long-time staff believe that flowers make the world a more beautiful, peaceful, and enjoyable place. They’re motivated by the way a fresh bouquet can lighten up someone’s mood and bring comfort to others—all the while knowing someone cares about them. “We all love creating lush, seasonally-inspired arrangements for our clients with our gorgeous fresh flowers.”


Each design is hand-crafted and a reflection of the season.  Every flower is chosen for it’s special aspects: such as color, texture, and shape, this helps to create a bouquet that is gorgeous and meaningful.  


Flowers fill the soul with happiness and make everyday a special occasion!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:    Where do your flowers come from?

A:    When possible we like to source locally with our farmers otherwise we rely on our wholesalers who purchase via variety of markets.


Q:    How often do you receive new shipments of flowers?

A:    At least 5 days a week—sometimes more depending on need.  Our trusted wholesalers are amazing and they try their best to get us the freshest and prettiest blooms possible.


Q:    How come the flowers I ordered don’t look exactly like the photo I saw online    or in the book?

A:    We provide very fresh, seasonal flowers.  And at the time of purchase, if the season market doesn’t yield a particular flower or we are unable to get it for your order we will replace it with something as similar as possible.  Please remember each arrangement is custom made—so each of our floral designer’s personality is reflected in the final design. 


Q:    How do I care for my flowers?

A:    If your flowers arrive wrapped you will need to remove all the wrapping.  Now lay them out, grab your favorite “size-appropriate” container and fill it with clean, tepid water.  You’ll want to cut at least 1/2” off at a 45 degree angle on each stem, placing them immediately in the water.  Start with the greenery building a base then add the flowers next.                                                                        

    If your flowers arrive in a vase/container be sure to place in the sink and add fresh water.  We suggest you always keep a plate or protective dish under your flowers so as to not damage any of your surfaces.  Clean water provides a bacteria free environment for your flowers so change it daily if possible.  Remove any expired flowers so they don’t spread bacteria to the others.


Q:    When will my flowers be delivered?

A:    Normal delivery hours are between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. weekdays and 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. weekends. Special requests can usually be accommodated if made in advance.  We know how important it is to you that your flowers arrive at the time  requested.  We work very hard to accomplish this but occasionally things can happen that cause your order to be delayed (weather, traffic, incorrect directions, etc.) but rest assured we take your requests seriously and will try our hardest to get it there on time!


Q:    How long will my flowers last?

A:    There are several factors involved and a few simple steps to help extend their life.  Flowers can last anywhere from 3-5 days normally.  Steps to extend life: 1.  changing the water daily if possible and a fresh cut always helps   2.  Keep in a cool setting with no direct sun or drafts.  3.  Remove any wilted flowers or greenery before they produce bacteria in the container.


Q:    What happens if the recipient is home when you attempt delivery?

A:    Weather and safety permitting, we will leave it on the recipient’s front porch. We also follow up with a phone call to the recipient to make certain that they received their gift. If a phone number is not provided for the recipient, we will call the sender and let them know of our attempted delivery.  If needed we will bring it back to the flower shop and attempt the delivery at another time. 

Flower Bouquets
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